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Taverner's Pale Honey Ale, Honey Ale, Strong Ale and Honey Porter.

The Taverner’s label has been established in Tasmania for more than 20 years. Tasmanian honey is combined with the finest Tasmanian hops to provide a fine, mellow ale with just a hint of honey. These premium quality ales are made in the traditional manner, with secondary fermentation occurring in the bottle ensuring the ale improves with age, similar to a fine wine.

The ales are full bodied, smooth, dry and clean tasting. Any thoughts that this may be a sweet drink disappear on the first sip. They are a superb accompaniment to game, smoked foods, curries and spicy Asian dishes.

Honey ale is similar to a fine wine, it gets better with age. Although your honey ale will certainly be in superb condition to drink at the time of purchase, the secondary fermentation process allows the ale to develop a more intense flavour. However, we warn customers that, once tasted, keeping any remaining supplies for any length of time will severely test your powers of self control.

Packed in 330ml bottles, alcohol content varies from 4% to 8% dependent upon variety.

Taverner's Ale and Porter range has no added preservatives or chemicals.

Taverner's Honey Ale
Taverner's Strong Ale
ge: Taverner's Pale Ale
Taverner's Honey Porter
Taverner's Dessert Honey Mead
Taverner's Honey Nectar Concentrate


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